Sunday, October 22, 2017

Review: The Amber Spyglass by Philip Pullman

This book is still my favorite. It's huge and so amazing. It took me some time to read it this fourth time, but it was so worth it. It still destroys my heart. It still has the best romance, even though it's only for such a short time. Sobs. The ending is still the worst evil thing, yet I still notice tons of hints for a happy future. I hope.

The ending to this amazing trilogy is simply the best book. It's so long and it is full of information. A whole bunch of different point of views, and they were all interesting and exciting. Yes, I still do prefer Lyra and Will, but loved reading from them all. Especially Mary. There is so much happening in this book and I loved it all.

I just can't stop being thrilled about the fact that Philip is writing more books about Lyra. I'm so, so happy. It's all I have wanted since I first read these books some years ago. The first Book of Dust is about Lyra as a baby, so nothing truly new about her, but it's more from the amazing world, and I can't wait to read it next. Hoping the wait for book two won't be too long, because in that one Lyra will be around twenty years old. And I'm so, so excited for that. She will be that in book two and three. Oh, I have the highest hope that Will is going to be in the books too. But I also have the biggest fear, that he will not. That Lyra will have moved on with someone else. And if that happens, I will forever be shattered. But I don't really think that it will be like that. Maybe.

But anyway. More about this lovely third book. I'm not going to mention everything that happens in it, for I have already written three reviews before this one. I just love sharing a bit of my love for these books. As my love is endless. This world that Philip has created is the most amazing thing to read about. There are dæmons, which every human in the world that Lyra is from has. Oh, how I wish I had my own dæmon. It would be a cat, for sure. And there are a lot of other worlds too, and they are all awesome. And exciting.

So much happens in this book. There is a big war. There are angels included. And more of the witches. And more of Iorek, King of the panserbjørne. I love that bear a whole bunch. And then there are all the ghosts too. And the land of the dead. And gosh, those pages were pretty heartbreaking to read about. Yet oh so exciting. Especially when Lyra and Will ended up getting closer because of it. There is a lot more of Mrs. Coulter, and while I did not like her in the first books, I must admit that I did like her a lot in this one.

I still do not know how I feel about Lord Asriel, though. Lyra does have some powerful parents, for sure. And she is so fierce and amazing too and I just love reading about this girl. I love how she grows a lot in this final book. I love how loving and brave she is. And sometimes clever too. I love her relationship with her dæmon, Pan. It's the sweetest. And oh, her friendship with Will. And that is the best part of the whole book, and I love it to pieces. I really loved how she started to feel more for him, near the end of the book.

There isn't a lot of romance in this final book. They are still really young. And they just realized they had feelings for each other near the end of the book. And so they only have days together, and ahh. It breaks my heart so, so badly. But those pages were the best. The first kiss. So sweet and perfect. I ship Will and Lyra more than any other couple. And it ruins me when I think about how it ended for them. I can't take it. The most evil and heartbreaking ending. I need it to be all better again in the second Book of Dust book.

Anyway. I have already written more than I was going to about this book. I just love it so much. The world is amazing. The characters are all stunning. And the story is so good. So much happens in this final book, and I could never explain it all. Just know that it is a lot and it is brilliant. The Amber Spyglass is the best book. And if you still have not read this one, then shame on you. It is a book that everyone needs to have read at least once in their life. Because the story of Will and Lyra is not one to be missed. Not by anyone.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

In My Mailbox #311

I'm currently re-reading His Dark Materials, finally, and it's making me the happiest. Yesss. My fourth read, but been more than two and half years since my last read already. Gosh. But finally reading them now, and still loving them the same way, and it makes me so happy. Yay. But that is the only good part of my week. Sigh. Because my health is seriously the worst at the moment and it is just about all that I can focus on. I'm behind on a lot of things. And won't be able to catch up just yet either, because I have no energy at all. All I do all day is sit still and sleep and nap and trying to eat, if I can manage. And then I read when I'm able to, which isn't that many hours each day. Oh, and I use my iPhone all the time, but that's just about all I'm able to do these days. Aw. I'm hoping they will be able to help me after my awful hospital visit this coming week. Fingers crossed. But anyway. I got some lovely mail this week, and I love it all. <3 And I blogged a little too. I shared my review of The Golden Compass :D This week I'm waiting on Wires and Nerve 2. <3 Then shared my review of The Subtle Knife. <3 So anyway. I'm not doing the best at all. But trying to stay positive, hoping the hospital might finally help a bit, and trying to slowly catch up and read more. Might take me some time, but will get there one day :) Well, I hope so. So tired of pain.

His Dark Materials. Finally got the right set :D From amazon. Newest paperback editions. It's so perfect.
The Book of Dust: La Belle Sauvage. YESSSS. First of my copies have arrived :D Reading in a few days.
All the Crooked Saints. I couldn't resist ordering another UK paperback to get this bookplate, hih. Love it.
The Silver Mask. These UK paperbacks are so stunning. So pretty. Must read book three and four soon.
Miraculous Ladybug. This tv-show is still the best, and I'm just waiting for season two to come this year.
The Evaporation of Sofi Snow Tote Bag. YAY! Thank you TNZ Fiction for this so lovely pre-order gift :D

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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Review: The Subtle Knife by Philip Pullman

This book never fails to break my heart. And this fourth read of mine was simply perfection. Thrilled to finally be reading these books again. They mean so much to me. And they are so good. The characters are all amazing to read about, and the writing is the best. I love this world oh so much. The most stunning thing.

I'm not going to talk too much about why I love this second book so much. Only mentioning a few things. First, I'm so in love with learning more about Lyra and her story. She is still so fierce and brave and loving too. She makes bad choices at times, but she's also very smart and I love her to pieces. Her dæmon, Pan, too.

This book is also told from a few more point of views. And while I would rather have had Lyra and Will at all times, I didn't mind the extra point of views at all. Because they add so much more to the story and I love that so much. There is more of the witch, Serafina, And more of a new character, Mary Malone. Whom I adore and will adore even more in book three. But the biggest reason for why I love this book, of course, is Will. He is twelve years old, and he is not from the same world as Lyra. Getting to know this boy is the very best thing. And also the most heartbreaking. He has taken care of his mother for the past five years, all on his own. He is the bravest and most loving person. It breaks my heart how he doesn't have anyone taking care of him.

Will deserves the world. As does Lyra. And reading about them meeting in this book, and getting to know each other, and becoming friends was the very best thing. But also the most heartbreaking, because I do know what's coming in the next book, and I'm not sure I can handle it. Gosh. It will be the worst. Yet first it will be the best thing. But still. My heart will break all over again. And I simply cannot wait. And then The Book of Dust after that, eee. Just wish the second one was out already too. Need that one the very most.

So much happens in this book. I'm not going to mention much of it. Just that it is all exciting and horrifying and so well written. Lyra has stepped into a new world. A world that seems to be without adults. Children are running around alone. The adults have all been attacked by something horrible. And reading about all of that was so exciting yet the most awful thing too, because it was all so sad. There are also a lot of bad people in this book too. A little of Lyra's mother, whom I still do not like at all. Hmph. Other awful ones too.

There are a lot of different witches in this book too. Some that I liked, and some that I didn't really like at all. We learn so much about Will, the new boy. Whom is the very best character. I love him the very most. Sigh. His father has been missing since before Will was one years old. He's looking for him. And oh, that whole story line was just heartbreaking. Aw. There is also a lot about Lee, and that was so heartbreaking too. I loved that man. Aw. Simply put, this book is filled with amazing and sad things. I loved every part.

There is so much I love about The Subtle Knife. It's all kinds of perfect. And I'm not able to share all of my love for it at all. Just know that it's so good. And I loved reading about Will and Lyra and everything in this new world they found. I only feel sad that this book was so short. Just over three hundred pages. I never want this story and world to end. Sniffs. But even so, this book was still perfect, even on this fourth read of mine. These books are very much worth reading. So do that, if you haven't already. They are the best.

Waiting on Wednesday #314

"Waiting On" Wednesday is a weekly event, hosted by Breaking the Spine, that spotlights upcoming releases that we're eagerly anticipating.


Goodreads Description:

Iko – an audacious android and best friend to the Lunar Queen Cinder – has been tasked with hunting down Alpha Lysander Steele, the leader of a rogue band of bioengineered wolf-soldiers who threaten to undo the tenuous peace agreement between Earth and Luna. Unless Cinder can reverse the mutations that were forced on them years before, Steele and his soldiers plan to satisfy their monstrous appetites with a massacre of the innocent people of Earth.

And to show he’s serious, Steele is taking hostages.

Cinder and Kai, Scarlet and Wolf, Cress and Thorne, and Winter and Jacin all feature in this epic new battle. But it is Iko who must face her deepest fears when she uncovers the truth about her own unusual programming.

Hardcover, 320 pages
Expected publication: January 30th 2018 by Feiwel & Friends
Pre-Order here and here

Ahh, I cannot wait for this precious thing :D It's going to be so so so good. I love all books by Marissa the very most. And this series is simply the best. And Iko is adorable. And I cannot wait to read this second graphic novel about her :D Eee. Such stunning artwork. Such awesome story. And all the old characters too. And romance about to happen for Iko. Well, I hope so, anyway :D I cannot wait for this lovely book.
What are you waiting for on this rogue Wednesday?

Monday, October 16, 2017

Review: The Golden Compass by Philip Pullman

This is my fourth time reading this. And I still love it so, so much. I was supposed to re-read it last year too, but I didn't make time for it, so it has now been over two and a half year since my last read. Gosh. Time moves so fast. Yet I still think about this trilogy all the time, because it has a special place in my heart. Always.

I can't even begin to mention why I love this book so much. It's just special to me. The writing is incredible. The world created is the most amazing thing to read about. Reading about Lyra just fills me with joy, because she is the very best girl and I love her so much. Reading about dæmons and bears never gets boring.

I must admit that the next two books are more special to me, simply because they are about Lyra and Will. And Will was not in this first book. But even though he wasn't, it was still such a spectacular book and I just love it oh so much. I'm not going to talk much about it this time. Simply because my heart is full and my mind feels empty. I'm so so glad that I finally had the time to read these most precious books again, as the first book in The Book of Dust trilogy is out this week, and oh gosh, I'm beyond excited. I'm so thrilled that Philip is writing more books from this world. And that they will all be about Lyra. When she's around twenty in book two and three, and I simply cannot wait. I have such high hopes and dreams and wishes and fears. Excited.

This book tells the story of eleven year old Lyra. She has lived at a college all her life, and she's a little savage because of this. And I loved that about her so much. She's a bit wild yet fiercely full of love too. She tells a whole bunch of stories and lies, yet she knows when things are important. In the beginning of the book she is very much a child, but by the end of this book, she has grown up a whole lot. Which is mostly because of all the awful things that happen around her, and that break my heart. So much pain.

I'm not going to mention all that happens in this book. Just that if you have not read it yet, then you are truly missing out. This book is full of everything. Lyra is the most awesome girl. And she has the cutest dæmon, Pan. Every human in this world has a dæmon, a part of their soul as an animal. Reading about all of that is just the most precious thing. I loved learning about it all over again. I had not really forgotten anything about this book these past few years, but it was still so lovely to read it all over again. I love it all.

There is so much that I could say about The Golden Compass. But I'm not going to. Just that this book is truly perfect. And I love it beyond words. And I simply cannot wait to re-read the next two books as well, and then finally get to read La Belle Sauvage. It's going to be so good. I'm simply unable to share more about why I love this book so much. Just that it is heartbreaking yet so lovely. Story is epic and exciting and so evil. So much happens, and I loved reading every moment of it. And I will never not love this book.